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The grandchildren in our family have received a box of baseball cards for Christmas from our patriarch since his first granddaughter was born in 1991. His 3 sons have produced eight children for Grandad Denny. The youngest of them is now 17 and is still collecting his sets. The oldest now has children of her own, and now the great-grandchildren are getting to continue in the tradition.

Grandad Denny has enjoyed collecting things throughout his adult life. Giving baseball cards has been a way he passes that tradition along. It doesn’t hurt that each set is a long-term investment that he hopes has the potential to help the grandkids make a little money for college or the likes.

Why do we sell baseball cards?

We hope these cards end up in the hands of someone that will really enjoy them. As a kid, I wanted to pitch like Dwight Gooden. I spent my baseball card time and money building a collection of every card of his that I could find. I still enjoy going back to the binder that has several pages of nothing but Dwight Gooden cards. It takes me back to my childhood and summer days at the baseball diamond. We hope our cards spark memories for you.

Regards, Doug

What's different about Grandad's Cards?

The money paid for cards is commissioned out by grandchild. If the card came out of their set, they get a part of the sale. We hope the sales are enough to honor Grandad Denny’s original intent of giving his grandchildren a valuable collection. For example, Evan will be starting college in the fall of 2023. His goal is to sell cards to help pay for college.

While we have the normal single card sales of rookie cards and the like, we also like to make unique ‘mini-collections’ for people to buy. Based on a theme, we build these mini-collections. For example, we might have a small collection of players that were born on May 4 (May the fourth be with you). Within each collection you might get some commons, but there will also be gems in there for you to watch for.

Grandad Denny with his youngest son’s family, including two of his baseball card receiving grandchildren, at a youth baseball tournament.

Grandad Denny’s youngest son Doug (on left) and Doug’s son Evan (in uniform) are currently running this store. We are building a system where all the grandchildren can list cards to sell.

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